Turn your Raspberry Pi into a radio!

Some great work from the team at IC Robotics has turned the Pi into an FM radio! Capable of playing back wav files via a Python application (backed with a custom C library).

At the moment it’s Mono only and there are some issues with CPU priority but it’s a great starting point.

And there’s more, Guido PE1NNZ has released code to enable the Raspberry Pi computer board to generate SSB on the 7 and 14 MHz bands. SSB is used in HAM radio around the world and Guido has managed to make contact with other users across Europe via his Pi.

(src: makezine.com, southgatearc.com)

Disclaimer: producing radio signals may be subject to control and licensing in your country. Please check your local laws before trying any of the above.

Codecademy teaches you how to code in your browser

Learning to code isn’t easy but the team at Codecademy have done their best to make it as simple as possible for you to get started.

The site offers a range of “tracks” (Pi fans be sure to check out the Python track) covering basic web development, PHP, Python (of course), Javascript, Ruby and more.

All tracks are completed in the browser via a simple text entry console. In short, this is probably the best “getting started” programming resource online at the moment!

MCPiPy offers some great Minecraft Python Scripts

One of the highlights of the enormously popular Minecraft on the Pi is the ability to script your in game world using simple development tools.

To this end the lovely people over at McPiPy have setup a site with a range of Minecraft Python Scripts for you to use and experiment with. They’ve even given you a little how to explaining how to install and use them!

Definitely one to bookmark as I’m sure they’ll be adding more scripts in time.