Never mind a GameBoy, the PiGrrl is where it’s at for handheld, Pi powered Gaming

raspberry_pi_hero-pigrrl2-outsideA simple project (some soldering) takes a Raspberry Pi 2 and some clever inner electronics to create a perfectly formed, hand-held retro gaming system.

Featuring more buttons than the Nintendo original (D-Pad, A,B,X,Y, L, R, pause and start) and a the PiTFT (with four extra buttons), it also includes a small audio amplifier and speaker, so you can enjoy the crispy sounds of 8-bit goodness.

Get the part list and the build instructions over at Adafruit.

Minecraft released for the Raspberry Pi!

Big news, Swedish development team Mojang have released their incredibly popular Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi.

Building on their runaway sandbox game for PC, Mac and mobile devices, the Pi version of Mincecraft allows users to “program” the game – enhancing the traditional block fest and giving player the chance to extend the creeper infested world in a fun and educational way.

You can visit the specific Pi Minecraft Blog for download and installation instructions.

(Source: MCVUK)