The Pi is at the heart of Kano, a computer anyone can make

Another day another cool Pi related project on Kickstarter.

This time it’s Kano – a build your own computer kit that features a Pi, a great keyboard with a built in track pad, a speaker and much more:

Kano: A computer anyone can make

1 – Kano Books, illustrated and intuitive
2 – Kano OS and Levels on 8GB SD card
3 – DIY Speaker
4 – Raspberry Pi Model B
5 – Kano Keyboard Combo
6 – Custom case
7 – Card mods and stencils
8 – Stickers!
9 – Cables: HDMI*, Mini-USB
10 – Smart power plug (all region pins available)
11 – WiFi powerup

Prices start at around $100 but this kit includes pretty much everything you’d need to get up an running with your Pi so is worth a look!