PyGame Resources

PyGame is a HUGE framework so you may need some help finding your way round at first.

This post contains a range of resources and tutorials to get you started and comfortable enough with PyGame to start creating your own mega games!

The Official PyGame Documentation

Get it straight from the Horse’s mouth. Some of the tutorials can be quite advanced and a little dense but it’s still your first stop for reference. Kept regularly updated with new features.

The PyGame Wiki

More freeform than the official docs but still contains a ton of useful info!

The PyGame CookBook

Don’t re invent the wheel. If you’re looking for a way to do something a bit tricky check the cookbook first, someone has probably beaten you to it!

Lorenzo’s PyGame Tutorials

Over the course of 9 tutorials you’ll be taken from bare basics of PyGame through to manipulating lines & pixels before building a very snakey looking game. May be a little out of date (2007 / 2008) but still a great guide to the framework!

PyGame in the Python Game Book

24 Tutorials to walk you through a range of PyGame programs including some great references needed to build an arcade style shoot-em-up! Good times :)

(Do you have any more great PyGame resources? Drop the link in the comments and I’ll add it to the page.)

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