Codecademy teaches you how to code in your browser

Learning to code isn’t easy but the team at Codecademy have done their best to make it as simple as possible for you to get started.

The site offers a range of “tracks” (Pi fans be sure to check out the Python track) covering basic web development, PHP, Python (of course), Javascript, Ruby and more.

All tracks are completed in the browser via a simple text entry console. In short, this is probably the best “getting started” programming resource online at the moment!

3 thoughts on “Codecademy teaches you how to code in your browser

    • Hi Joel,

      Good to hear you’re keen to learn more about coding & development. There are loads of resources online (including the one linked from this post) for free. if you wanted something more structured then Treehouse offer commercial training tracks in all sorts of different areas.

      As you’re based in Jersey there are a few other options including Syntax who are launching in the new year and aim to teach a foundation in basic web design. There’s also the TechTribes coding dojos which should be continuing into the New Year. These are very basic introductions to coding but are great fun. Techtribes also run meetups every fortnight (next one is today!) where local coders, designers and techie types get together to share knowledge & chat.

      I’d suggest trying out one of the online options over the next month or so and see how you get on with it then look at talking to either the Syntax or Techtribes guys (or both) to see if they can help you move forward.



      • Hi Rob,

        Thank you for all your helpful advice and website referrals, I have been busy doing some of the exercises on the codecademy site and have found them interesting and challenging.

        I would like to make a career change into IT and I am in contact with Careers Jersey about enrolling on the Coding in IT course being run by the BTW scheme, starting this month. I wondered if you could offer me any more advice, on how I may go about gaining an entry level position in IT, or any other courses or methods that may help me to move forward.

        I appreciate your help.

        Best regards


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