Never mind a GameBoy, the PiGrrl is where it’s at for handheld, Pi powered Gaming

raspberry_pi_hero-pigrrl2-outsideA simple project (some soldering) takes a Raspberry Pi 2 and some clever inner electronics to create a perfectly formed, hand-held retro gaming system.

Featuring more buttons than the Nintendo original (D-Pad, A,B,X,Y, L, R, pause and start) and a the PiTFT (with four extra buttons), it also includes a small audio amplifier and speaker, so you can enjoy the crispy sounds of 8-bit goodness.

Get the part list and the build instructions over at Adafruit.

3D holopainting with Pis and Pi Camera Boards

This project’s an unholy mixture of stop-motion, light-painting and hyperlapse from FilmSpektakel, a time-lapse and film production company in Vienna.

Filmed by a ring of 24 networked Raspberry Pi cameras working like a 3d scanner, taking pictures around the ring with a delay of 83 milliseconds between each one so that movement could be captured… Just watch!