BBC micro:bit now available for commercial pre order

tntuvxhdThe BBC’s recent return to “computing for the masses” has been in the form of the diminutive micro:bit. At around 18 times faster and 70 times smaller than its predecessor the BBC Micro, the micro:bit is a true machine for the IoT age with connectivity and hardware hacking supported from the get go, but until now it’s only been available to educational establishments or those in full-time education.

Starting today you can pre-order your micro:bit today via Farnell or via Kitronik for the relatively high price of ~£13.00. This is 3 times more expensive than the Pi Zero but still affordable for the majority and has the advantage of joining 1,000s of devices in schools across the UK already.

For more details on the guts of the micro:bit checkout the official micro site.