Raspberry Pi (and camera module) as low-cost HD surveillance camera

F3ES8QYHO7X6PPL.LARGEInstrutables user Scavix has put together this great step by step guide on building a networked, HD surveillance camera using the Pi and associated components.

Features include:

  • Network access to live video
  • Storage & upload of recorded video
  • Motion detection & alerting
  • Night vision (with the IR camera & lights)
  • All weather housing
  • More

The housing is up to you but the rest is standard Pi components and the Raspian operating system.

(via Lifehacker)

Linux Voice Magazine – Open Sources Content after 9 months!

A new post over on the official Raspberry Pi blog features a new Linux magazine called Linux Voice. This mag has a couple of subtle differences to make it a bit more FOSS friendly.

Firstly, 50% of the profits will be invested back into the OSS community. The recipients will be chosen by the readers so it’s all kept fair.

Secondly, nine months after release, each issue and all content will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike Licence (CC BY-SA)

You can find out more (and grab a subscription) on their IndiGogo page but we agree with the Rasp Pi guys that this is a fantastic alternative to traditional publishing models.

Or you can wait 9 months and we’ll re post each issue as soon as the open licence kicks in!