Codecademy teaches you how to code in your browser

Learning to code isn’t easy but the team at Codecademy have done their best to make it as simple as possible for you to get started.

The site offers a range of “tracks” (Pi fans be sure to check out the Python track) covering basic web development, PHP, Python (of course), Javascript, Ruby and more.

All tracks are completed in the browser via a simple text entry console. In short, this is probably the best “getting started” programming resource online at the moment!

Medic for Life has a guide on accessing the second* I2C bus on the Raspberry Pi Model B rev 2. Needs a bit of careful soldering but this would be great if you need a bit more connectivity for hardware hacking on your Pi!

* technically it’s the first as it shows up as Bus 0 in scans :)


Happy Birthday to You….

Wow it’s hard to believe that the Pi has already been out for a year. 12 months > 1 million units & 3 versions. Not bad for a £25 computer!


Time to blow out the candles and wish for an even more successful year 2!

(img src: Makezine)