MCPiPy offers some great Minecraft Python Scripts

One of the highlights of the enormously popular Minecraft on the Pi is the ability to script your in game world using simple development tools.

To this end the lovely people over at McPiPy have setup a site with a range of Minecraft Python Scripts for you to use and experiment with. They’ve even given you a little how to explaining how to install and use them!

Definitely one to bookmark as I’m sure they’ll be adding more scripts in time.


Easily boot multiple linux distros from the same SD card using Berry Boot

BerryBoot is the swiss army knife of Raspberry Pi OS management.

It lets you choose from a range of OSs to boot from a single SD card (if it’s big enough) and lets you move your OS onto an external USB drive. It even downloads the images for you saving you a lot of faffing about with dd or image building utilities.

It’s a great tool for those who like hacking about in different distros but be careful not to wipe a useful SD card!

(Source:  Web Upd8)